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Devastating hurricanes are no strangers to the atlantic ocean. Katrina intensified before making landfall in florida and was a hurricane about 2 hours before making landfall on the southeastern coast of florida, near the border of miamidade county and broward county. Hurricane katrina survivor gives tours of its destruction aug. Hurricane katrina survivor gives tours of its destruction. When katrina finally slammed on to land, it wasnt quite the monster everyone feared, not quite, but it was fierce by any measure. Hurricane katrina formed as tropical depression twelve over the. It is the costliest hurricane to ever hit the united states, surpassing the record previously held by hurricane andrew from 1992. Katrina was a massive hurricane that formed in the atlantic in 2005, and at times reached category 5. Patt morrison how did hurricane katrina change america.

Reliving one of the worst storms of the century could be painful, but for john olivard, its a form. Hurricane katrina was a category 5 tropical cyclone that occurred in august 2005, which. Hurricane katrina, its 115 mph winds, and the accompanying storm surge it created as high as 27 feet along a. Hurricane katrina august 2005 became a large and extremely powerful hurricane that caused enormous destruction and significant loss of life. Emergency response 10 years after katrina blogs cdc. The okeechobee hurricane in 1928 hit puerto rico and florida, killing 3,000 people. Throughout her life in august 2005, nasa used satellites to. National weather service bulletin for hurricane katrina. Pdf on jul 1, 2006, tee l guidotti and others published hurricane katrina.

The world meteorological organization has since retired the name katrina from its list of hurricane names. Hurricane katrina the united states worst natural disaster to date has created situations and scenes similar to those seen in the aftermath of the asian tsunami last december. Katrina formed over the atlantic ocean near the bahamas and was moved over land by wind currents. Hurricane katrina is one of the deadliest hurricanes in us history and was the most. Hurricane katrina was a category 5 hurricane that hit louisiana on august 29, 2005. Download the video in hd at nasas scientific visualization studio. In the two and a half weeks that had passed since hurricane katrina flooded the city, pumps had been working nonstop to return the water to lake pontchartrain.

The storm triggered catastrophic flooding, particularly in the city of new orleans. From ruin to renewal how one group of new orleans natives moved past the destruction brought by the 2005 hurricane and revitalized a community thanks, in part, to golf. The large company did something the government wasnt able to do at the timeprovide help on the ground. As such, there will never be another hurricane katrina. Talent emerges during hurricane katrina aviation rescue operations pdf. Stock video footage of hurricane katrina by stormstock. This article ran on september 18, 2005, and examines president bushs response to hurricane katrina. Hurricane katrina is one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the united states. The storm initially developed as a tropical depression in the southeastern bahamas on august 23, 2005. The storms strongest winds are blowing at about 175 miles an hour 280 kilometers. With more than 10 years of experience working on emergency preparedness and response at cdc, dr.

Hurricane katrina august 2005 national weather service. Stock video footage of hurricanes and typhoons by stormstock. Its a standing joke among the presidents top aides. Hurricane katrina was one of the most powerful storms in history. Hurricane katrina, tropical cyclone that struck the southeastern united states in august 2005, breaching levees and causing widespread damage and deaths. Hurricane katrina as seen from the nasa modis, august 28, 2005. One of the deadliest hurricanes in recent memory and the most destructive in us history, hurricane katrina profoundly affected new orleans and its surroundings, where water reached up to 20 kilometres 12 miles from the shore. Hurricane katrina would unleash a storm surge of thirty feet that caused more than 90 percent of all shore front structures, no matter how well built, to fail. Find out when hurricane season peaks, how the storms form. As the hurricane made its second landfall on the mississippilouisiana border, wind speeds were approximately 125 mph 200 kmh. The costliest natural disaster in american history occurred in 2005.

The data products were generated from a portion of the imagery acquired. Lessons learned, lessons to learn katrina remains one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in u. Well discuss what made walmarts hurricane katrina response so successful and why it depended on the empowerment of employees. Sosin took some time to answer our questions about his experience during the hurricane katrina response and how public health preparedness and response has changed throughout the last decade. What went wrong in general terms, the challenges to our collective response to hurricane katrina are not difficult to identify. Hurricane katrina is the most well known name in recent hurricane history. What happened before it was upgraded to a hurricane. Colten, professor of geography and anthropology at louisiana state university, says race played a role in the new orleans level of preparedness for hurricane.

Its hurricane force winds reached 75 nautical miles east. Aerial video of new orleans, taken from a news helicopter shortly after storm, shows the vast devastation katrina caused. Archive of nasa hurricane katrina daybyday updates from 2005. In addition, katrina is one of the five deadliest hurricanes to ever. Hurricane katrina is one of the deadliest hurricanes in us history and was the most expensive natural disaster ever to affect the united states. Hurricane katrina was a longlived hurricane that made landfall three times along the united states coast and reached category 5 at its peak intensity. How did you get the call to deploy for hurricane katrina. Hurricane katrina response and recovery update fema. Katrina was the 11th tropical storm of the 2005 hurricane season. Katrina was the most deadliest hurricane in the united states since the okeechobee hurricane that hit palm beach on september 16, 1928 along lake okeechobee and the galveston hurricane of 1900. The floods that buried up to 80 percent of new orleans had noticeably subsided by september 15, 2005, when the top image was taken by the landsat 7 satellite. Hurricane katrina was a category 3 storm when it hit the gulf coast on aug. When it all began on august 23, 2005, katrina began taking shape as a tropical depression close to the bahamas. Hurricane katrina was a destructive category 5 storm that made landfall on the u.

Katrina turned westward on august 25th, toward florida. Ppt hurricane katrina powerpoint presentation free. Hurricane sandy in 2012 is the fourthcostliest cyclone in u. How does katrina compare in terms of costdamage to other hurricanes in the united states. The hurricane began in the central bahamas and came ashore as a category 1 storm in southern florida. This government will learn the lessons of hurricane katrina. Hurricane katrina formed on august 23rd, 2005 and last until august 31st. How does katrina compare to other natural disasters in the world.

Two days later, it strengthened into a category 1 hurricane a few hours before making its first landfall between hallandale. The national weather service bulletin for the new orleans region of 10. Hurricane katrina has left a legacy of ruin behind, and the worlds only superpower is struggling to cope. Neoweathers brian ivey takes a look at the meteorology behind the gulf of mexico. The strongest hurricane, a category 5 on the saffirsimpson scale can produce sustained winds of 155 mph or greater and can cause catastrophic damage. Hurricane katrina in 2005 killed 1,833 people and was the costliest hurricane in u. Click for more kids facts and information or download the worksheet collection. The thunderstorm, which formed off the coast of west africa eventually formed and became hurricane katrina.

Seven years ago today, the residents of new orleans were in the midst of the last day before the storm, as hurricane katrina has come to be known by locals in. Hurricane katrina did not just form randomly, multiple physical factors led to the growth of katrina and the reason for it becoming so large. The storm was described as being among the worst natural disasters of all time. Katrina first formed as a tropical depression in caribbean waters near the bahamas on august 23, 2005. A critical evaluation of the prominent causes of hurricane katrina intended to put forth the details as to how this tropical depression festered into a fullfledged category 5 hurricane, and caused such widescale destruction in the united states. Hurricane katrina facts and information national geographic. Katrina was just one of 28 named tropical cyclones during the 2005 hurricane season, but due to the tragedy it caused, it remains the one most remembered.

After two days of buildup, katrina was officially titled as a hurricane as it was passing miami with wind speeds reaching 80 miles per hour and subsequently killing two people. The hurricane caused damages in louisiana, mississippi. Twitter users tried to pin the blame for katrina relief issues on obama, though he wasnt even president when it. Why did the hurricane katrina form over the bahamas answers.

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