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Solar pump systems can also be configured as hybrid systems and incorporate an additional power source, eg a generator. The sds line of submersible pumps from sunpumps are a great option for providing simple and moderate flow solar water pumping systems. Different methods for pumping water without electricity. Installation of the solar panel array, wiring and piping requires extensive technical knowhow to optimize the system and avoid faults. A solar powered water pumping system designed for remote. A solar powered water pumping system is made up of two basic components. A solar irrigation system figure 2 needs to take account of the fact that demand for irrigation water will vary throughout the year. Solar water pumping is one of the most effective and affordable ways to move water more efficiently. This system has the added advantage of storing water for use when the sun is not shining,eliminating the need for batteries, simplicity and reducing overall system costs. Surface pumps are less expensive than dc submersibles,where applicable.

Edited by erin mcduff, administrative assistant, usda nrcs, portland. For any solar pumping system, the capacity to pump water is a function of three main variables. Solar water pumping for sustainable water supply world bank. Solar pump solutions solar powered water pumping systems. Solar powered water pumping system report pdf download abstract. The pump may be placed at ground level, or suspended in a well in some cases. Solar direct water pumping uses the daylight hours when sun is shining on the panels, to pump water into a holding tank or reservoir, for using as needed. The sun pumps submersible pump is said to pump from depths up to 230 ft at rates up to 2 gpm. Solar water pumping principles for any solar pumping system, the capacity to pump water is a function of three main variables. Asphotovoltaicpvmodules becomemoreaffordable and the energy efficiency of both the modules and solar powered pumps increases, spps will become a leading technology in remote areas. Solar pumping may lead to overirrigation and depleting of groundwater resources through indiscriminate pumping as farmers face no additional costs of pumping water. It can draw water from a dug well, spring, pond, river or tank, and push it far uphill and through a long pipeline to fill a storage tank or to pressurize it for home use or for irrigation, livestock, etc.

They can operate directly off solar panels, batteries or a combination of the two and in some cases, an ac. A photovoltaic solar powered pump system has three parts. The system pumps from 140 ft to fill a 1600 gallon water storage tank. This policy brief analyses the key drivers behind the adoption of solar pumping technology and brings to. The pc pump element used in borehole applications is proven to provide maximum water output in a variety of water conditions. Design of small photovoltaic pv solarpowered water pump systems. This second part of our blog series on solar water pumping. The most common pumps used in remote communities are.

Offgrid solar powered water pumping systems remote. Today we will discuss how to pump water without electricity with this step by step guide. The smallest element of a pv panel is the solar cell. Pdf solar powered water pumping systems researchgate. Abundant water in remote locations in needed to insure that grasslands are grazed evenly. The suitability of major irrigation systems for use with solar pumps is shown in table 2. Next, continue to the first design sheet by clicking on the solar resource sheet tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. In this blog post were going to show you how to size and determine the various basic components that make up a submersible solar water pumping system. Very good article on designing and installing a simple solar powered well water pumping system suitable for one household. Submersible solar well pumps the best selection online.

Solar powered water pumping system report pdf download. Introduction photovoltaic pv panels are often used for agricultural operations, especially in remote areas or where the use of an alternative energy source is desired. Solar water pumping systems in order to design and successfully implement solar water pumping systems, you need an understanding of several concepts as well as information specific to how you will use your system. Solar pumping technology covers the entire energy conversion process, from sunlight, to electrical energy, to mechanical energy, to stored energy. This handbook has all the basics you need to know about solar water pumping, which uses energy from solar photovoltaic pv panels to power an electric water pump. This system can be used to provide consistent water supplies for arable agriculture and livestock production. Solar powered water pumping systems for livestock watering. Sunsub solar pumping systems can be further enhanced with the use of gps tracking solar arrays, ac powerpak generator interfaces or by using the latest uhf telemetry system.

Solarpowered water pumping systems are just one of many options available to producers interested in managing their rangelands, providing improved water quality for their livestock and protecting their water supplies. This technical note provides guidance for the design of solar powered water pump systems. Solarpowered water pump design spreadsheet version ii. Solar power solar water pump systems water mission.

Agricultural applications suitable for photovoltaic pv solutions are numerous. Designing solar water pumping systems for livestock. While applications of solar water pumping for irrigation are on the increase especially in india and china. People have used a variety of power sources, namely human energy, animal power, hydro power, wind, solar and fuels such a diesel for small generators. Solar water pumping guide 63 pages 4mb pdf file green empowerment. If 50% of the diesel pump were replaced with solar pv pump set, diesel consumption could be reduced to the turn of about 225 billion literyear. Solar pumping systems allow vital water resources to be accessed in remote rural locations. Specific information on the orphanage in malawi is also presented and a preliminary design of the solar powered water pump system. Solar powered water pumping system configurations there are two basic types of solar powered water pumping systems, batterycoupled and directcoupled. Solar water pumping involves pumping water driven by solar energy as opposed to the traditional grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.

Design of small photovoltaic pv solar powered water pump systems technical note no. Solarpowered water pumping system configurations there are two basic types of solarpowered water pumping systems, batterycoupled and directcoupled. Solar water pumps require no fuel and minimal maintenance. Pdf solar powered water pumping systems muhd asyraf. More than is the case for a conventional system, a solarpowered water supply requires optimised and correctly sized pumps and components to maximise benefits.

There are also papers on modeling and field testing of solar pumps in different locations in the world 3, 4, 5. Solar energy as a power source for water pumping is an ideal solution where water is required when the sun is shining, or where it can be stored in a high location eg in a header tank. In addition to being beneficial for the environment especially when compared to systems powered by generators, solarpowered pumps are sustainable for the communities that operate. Background solar powered water pumps are comprised of three basic components. The shurflo 9300 solar water pump and the sunpumps solar water pump can be powered by a pv array as small as two 50 to 100 w solar modules, or a single larger 60cell or 72cell module depending on the head vertical distance or elevation change they are pumping. Treat solar power as a cash crop and allow farmers to sell surplus power to the grid at an attractive feein tariff. These systems are simpler and cost less to setup, but have a limited operating window. How to pump water without electricity thrifty outdoors man. A variety of factors must be considered in determining the optimum system for a particular application 1. Sps pumps can operate in any remote location, pumping water. Studies have shown that the technology has improved greatly over the past 30 years, with systems becoming more efficient, costeffective and versatile solar powered 2. Find out more about our broad range of products for building a complete solar water solution that ensures the best returns on your investment. For additional information on other livestock watering systems, as well as solarpowered water pumping systems, contact. Submersible solar pumps are typically used for deep well pumping, pressurization, irrigation, home water systems, pond aeration and livestock watering.

In africa the systems are used for village water systems and livestock watering. You may need water out of a well or attempting to pump from a pond, creek, or some other outside water source. Or you can use a submersible water pump to bring well water to your solar tiny house. Ratterman, cohen and garwood, solar pumping systems sps. The purpose of the solar resource sheet figure 3 is to calculate the total daily insolation i. Solar water pumping involves a solar submersible pump, pump switch solar panels and the necessary fittings and accessories. Solar pump systems, solar and dc water pumps rainbow. Solar power with backup, you can run all night if necessary. Determining the optimum solar water pumping system for. Design of small photovoltaic pv solarpowered water pump. They can pump 500 to 1,000 gallons per day and lift water 200 feet.

Solar panels the type and number of solar panels required are a function of. A solar drive with integrated ac backup power, by the grid or a generator. Testing of the solar water pumping system and handing over the same to. Total water production values, depending on site and system design, may be between 50. A variety of factors must be considered in determining the optimum system for a particular application. A solar powered water pumping system is made up of. The highest demand for solar pumping is within rural offgrid areas, currently underserved, or served by costly fossil fueldriven pumps. A solarpowered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. Solar photovoltaic water pumping introduction water pumping has a long history. Solarpowered water systems offer safe water and hope for communities across the world and, more often than not, are a favored approach for water mission. Our solar, battery backup, and hybrid power systems are preengineered, assembled, and tested for easy installation and minimal maintenance. Feature article solar powered water pumping systems. In addition, key project challenges will also be discussed along with how they. For purposes of designing a solar pumping system, pressure can be thought of as the work that the pump must overcome to move a certain amount of water.

For standalone no utility interconnection water pumping systems there have been papers published comparing diesel powered water pumping systems to solarpv water pumping systems 1, 2. If you are pumping from a well, we have solar pumps that can deliver from 1 gallon per minute to over 75 gpm. Solar water pumping basics sunwize power independence. With our new smartsolution, psk2 provides a true hybrid pumping system which automatically can blend grid power and generator power with the core solar. The smallest pumps, the lowpower diaphragm pumps from aquatec, shurflo and sunpumps, operate from two 50 to 100watt solar modules, depending on the head vertical distance they are pumping. This warrants a crosssector examination of effective ways to deploy solar pumping technology for irrigation and maximise the benefits.

Be sure to read solar water pumping part 1 first to get a background on water solar water pumps are and what are common options. Solar pump solutions provide solar powered water pumping systems across ireland, and internationally. Farm machinery, farm building and production facilities are constantly being improved. The performance of a solar water pumping system is discussed in this paper. Designing solar water pumping systems for livestock nmsu aces. A solar energypowered water pump is a water pump running on the electricity that is generated by solar photovoltaic modules. For over 20 years sunwize has been synonymous with quality systems to generate electrical power, store energy, and distribute power at remote sites. A solar reciprocating pumping systems is believed to be applicable to many remote and domestic irrigations applications without access to electricity relaying diesel power and having.

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