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If we are ever to understand new testament christianity we must have knowledge of the beginning and growth of the church. Rainer green valley baptist church birmingham, al 35226 wth the exception of m. He has written numerous articles and a widely acclaimed commentary on acts in the new american commentary. The church as described in the book of acts is presumed to be our model for the church because, it was established by the apostles selected by jesus, it has a record of being extremely effective in performing jesus mission, and the majority of the seven churches of revelation 2 and 3 were admonished for their departure from the model. As a result, their numbers exploded and thousands came to christ. When you read through the book of acts, you see numerical growth.

The design of his book revolves around 1 key persons. The importance of the book of acts is seen in the words of acts 1. The book of acts tells us on that day the god of heaven launched the church of christ. The biblical treatment of church growth is focused onh the book of acts. Listen to book of acts using kjv audio bible online.

John macarthur routinely preaches a sermon more th. Payne is a pastor of multiplication at the church at brooks hill, birmingham, alabama and has been involved in evangelism and missions within a southern baptist context. The apostle paul as a model for church growth and evangelism abstract the purpose driven church, the simple church, good to great, and the natural church are just a few of the models todays clergy are looking to in order to define their ministries. This was the start, and the rest of the book of acts tells the story of an exciting, expanding fellowship of men and women who witnessed to jesus christ with power and abandon. New testament church growth is fascinating and all too foreign to our modern church experience. Christ were then baptized and added to the church acts 2. The holy spirit leads believers to do evangelism, which results in church planting. Use these handouts, which include strategies on how to get a conversation started and capture the attention of others to give you confidence and put others at ease. Despite their diversity, the believers of the early church maintained a love and unity so powerful that they enjoyed the favor of all acts 2. So, its time to realign your thoughts on evangelism in tune to what god has to say. Workshop for evangelism study guide page 4 of 17 principle i evangelism is the work of the holy spirit every work of god is built on believing prayer. This course covers one of the most exciting and important books in the bible. But reading the book of acts, one finds that paul used many methods to share the gospel with people.

Churches were planted in all the great cities of asia minor and macedonia. When you look at the book of acts, you find at least 8 characteristics of the early church that positioned them for this kind of blessing from god. The language of growth in acts can be grouped into two broad categories. This article presents the concept of church growth alongside evangelism mainly in the book of acts.

The book of acts and the epistles show how striking were the results. The church of christ in the book of acts was an evangelist church. The evangelism we find in the book of acts, at its mature level, ruled no one out. This niv compact bible is the perfect traveling companion for todays busy christian. I do balk at the title since it implies the early church planted churches using the method in this book. Church growth and evangelism in the book of acts monergism.

You cannot read the book of acts without noting the evangelistic efforts of the early church to reach the world with the gospel. We have over 1600 free and downloadable, discipleship, verse by verse, and bible study lessons available. The author, flavius joseph may, identifies six major factors that contributed to the growth of the apostolic church. Frank schmitt the greatest commandment of the lord is preaching the gospel all over the world. They had been following jesus and were witnesses of the many miracles he had performed. Luke weaves together different interests and emphases as he relates the beginnings and expansion of the church. When it comes to outreach, some christians are wary of approaching strangers or even friends with the gospel. In the first few chapters of acts we are told how the early church centered her ministries in the city of jerusalem. The apostle paul as a model for church growth and evangelism. Its a place to make friends, to provide activity for the family, to enjoy friendships, to enjoy spiritual activities together, recreation, cultivate relationships, to work together in families, and raising children, et cetera, and sort of hang out together until. The book of acts tells the story of the beginning of the church of jesus christ.

The beginning of the church and its growth t he book of acts records the growth and progress of the church in the first century. Our remarks for this article will come from acts 4. Greens evangelism in the early church,l the subjects of evangelism and church growth in the book of acts have been unaccountably neglected in recent years. The irony is that we have a model for evangelism staring us in the face in the story of the early church told by luke through the book of acts. In the book of acts, evangelism that led to the planting of. Evangelism and church growth are inexorably linked by a directly proportional relationship in the book of acts, so that, as evangelism was practiced, the church grew. And pauls letters to the young churches in the first century are integrated into the book of acts. The book of acts provides a detailed, orderly, eyewitness account of the birth and growth of the early church and the spread of the gospel immediately after the resurrection of jesus christ. But church health can only occur when our message is biblical and our mission is balanced. A comparison of 3 evangelism methods evangelismcoach. Its narrative supplies a bridge connecting the life and ministry of jesus to the life of the church and the witness of the earliest believers.

It is upon that arena of evangelism and church growth that luke would have us focus. It drew the circle of compassion large enough to include every person and every kind of person. Dec 16, 2017 without them, the church loses its arm of growth. Joe aldrich asks this question in his book, lifestyle evangelism, the classic source for teaching about relational evangelism. Is it merely that we live in a generation of hard hearted and stiffnecked people, or are there strategies or methods that we are. Phil sanders, instructor 1 nsop church growth, fall 2003 syllabus for church growth the study of church growth encompasses both a study of scripture and the methods of our time that lead to spiritual and numerical growth of the kingdom of god. Don krow ministries discipleship evangelism is a ministry providing discipleship tools and benevolent help to third world nations.

So the church throughout all judea and galilee and samaria enjoyed peace, being built up. At this point in the early church, as described in acts and 14, we see three significant movements. Church growth an introduction once i had a friend ill call him bill who worked out everyday at the gym. Team evangelism provides a noguilt, nopressingfordecision, nonconfrontational strategy that shows. As we study this book we find sound principles of church growth and see the way in which temptation and trials are overcome by the grace of god. I am not a church planter, so i will not comment too much on his methods. Church growth in the book of acts a church of christ can and will grow spiritually and numerically when it is faithful to the word of god. Church evangelism 9780805410655 by john mark terry. Principles of evangelism from the book of acts truthonlybible. The book of acts as our model calvary church planting.

Up to this point the apostles had been through a lot already. Evangelism in the book of acts new testament church growth is fascinating and all too foreign to our modern church experience. The spiritual factos of the rapid growth od the church in the book of acts were the five pusposes of the church from acts 2. It is not limited to certain groups or leaders in the church. Many christians are not confident of their ability to share the gospel because theyre unsure of what constitutes effective evangelism. Ludlow whereas the gospel of luke focuses on the life and ministry of jesus christ, the acts of the apostles builds upon what jesus did and taught see acts 1. Published during the past five years 20042008 a thesis project submitted to. Soon the followers of christ reached five thousand 4. A comparison of 3 evangelism methods is it possible that one type of evangelism more effectively utilizes and maximizes the talents of each believer. The growth of the church in the book of acts ryan wentzel. Five reasons the early church grew acts 4 forthright. Many would suggest, for example, that the purpose of the church is fellowship. Commission there will be a tremendous increase in church growth.

Phil sanders, instructor 4 nsop church growth, fall 2003 a study of the growth of the church in early church history acts 2. Church growth statements in the book of acts barnes bible charts 2. Thou shalt not steal and other sermon points i didnt make up. Growth religious awakenings hand of god additions progress gods hand.

You do not have to be a bible historian to appreciate the fascinating new perspective waiting for you in the one year chronological bible. Evangelism in the book of acts the church of christ in the book of acts was an evangelist church. Church growth literature indicates that the homogeneous unit principle remains one of the most controversial elements of the church growth movement, but it is generally recognized that this principle is still one of the most useful and valuable contributions of church growth to world evangelism. John mark terry addresses the gap between thousands of contemporary churches and the churches we see in the acts of the apostles. Principles of church growth second edition paul young publications of paul young. Sep 01, 20 nathan lorick has written a great book on evangelism. Evangelism in the book of acts walnut street church of christ. Jim ayars, pastor of the ventura seventhday adventist church, talks about his approach to evangelism that draws its emphasis from the book of acts. Each of the five new testament purposes of the church must be. A witness is somebody who tells what he has seen and heard acts 4. Repentance, nature of many in the church conversion, nature of revival, corporate. As we study acts 812 we will learn how people come to christ and are changed through conversion. This summary of the book of acts provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of acts.

And today the life blood of the church is evangelism. Its affordable price and compact size makes it as easy to give as it is to take along everywhere you go. Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. When we got together, he liked to flex his bicep and say, greg, feel this. Verse 42 lists four of the activities to which the church devoted itself. These written, audio, and video materials are great for individual and group bible study. Whereas the old testament depicts evangelism as people coming to god, the lucan perspective demonstrates that gods servants will go to his people. God does equip the church with evangelists, but we must not confuse the gift of an evangelist with the commission of evangelism. Practical steps for helping others share their faith team evangelism works for the 90 percent of christians who do not have the gift of evangelism, as well as the 10 percent who do. Transition statements help you understand why some scripture portions appear where they do.

Finally, in acts 1819 we will learn about different strategies and means for sharing our faith with others. Within the acts of the apostoloi there are theoretical and practical exemplars which the contemporary church may pattern to navigate a pathway to fruitful evangelism and sustainable growth. Whenever i read through the book of acts im struck with the number of times luke comments on the growth of the church. The book of acts is gods divine book on the subject of church history. The exemplars discussed here, though not exhaustive, may. The book of acts records the amazing growth in spite of huge obstacles after the disciples were filled. Evangelism and the resulting church growth, in that sense, would be a subactivity of the total mission of the early church. The biblical approach to church growth through personal. Church growth is the natural result of church health. Abstract tiie biblical approach to church growth through personal evangelism hokyung kim liberty baptist theological seminary, 2000 mentor.

By juxtaposing evangelism and church growth in that era of the church to evangelism and church growth in the contemporary church. It deals very practically with church and missionary endeavor and also covers many important and foundation doctrines and practices, such as the resurrection and second coming of christ, the holy spirit, salvation, repentance, inspiration, preaching, prophecy, baptism, church. For evangelism to be effective, the saints must recognize that gods evangelistic call extends to all christians. Acts refers to the numerical growth of the young movement in the face of external and internal problems. Christians have often assumed that evangelism means verbally sharing the entire saving gospel message with a person. Oct 10, 20 what we have here is a church with 100,000 members in a city of 200,000 people. Learn how simple acts of kindness become doable evangelism.

They had not ventured out as jesus had commanded in acts 1. As we look at acts 17 we will learn how to answer objections and how to make a case for the truth of christianity. He presents the basic principles and the diversity of applications of those principles in local churches. Acts begins with jesus teaching the apostles about the kingdom of god outside jerusalem, and ends, about thirty years later, with paul teaching gentile christians about the kingdom of god in rome. Church growth and evangelism in the book of acts, ts. Church growth defined southern nazarene university. Witness is a key word in the book of acts and is used twentynine times as either a verb or a noun. Evangelism in the book of acts walnut street church of. We will accent what builds scriptural churches, not what inflates by human ingenuity.

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