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A superb decorative item in working condition dimensions in cm. Brand farfisa scandalli settimio soprani diaton iii with key bbbbes this 3course instrument has 5 melody register. In 1946 to meet the challenges and opportunities of new markets, f. A page dedicated to silvio soprani accordions as a specific make, please feel free to contribute pictures, comments and articles. Sopranisettimio accordion blue general condition the accordion is in a reasonable cosmetic condition externally. Vintage settimio soprani contino model piano accordion made in italy. As an adult, i want to play songs that i like, in addition to the ones in the palmerhughes course.

Vintage soprani settimio three 120 piano accordion finished. Compare 30 million ads find settimio soprani accordion faster. Button accordion farfisa scandalli settimio soprani made in italy collective resolution. It has 120 bass buttons, which consist of, two rows of bass notes, a major row, a minor row, a 7throw and a diminished row. Spano accordions are the own brand of spano accordion center, made by morbidoni. Apr 1, 2019 settimio soprani ampliphonic, castelfidardo, italy 1950s60s. Oct 27, 2011 four short sample tunes to demonstrate this fab accordion for sale on ebay. For sale is settimio soprani accordion made in italy from one top maker 120 bass buttons 41 keys 2 registers on keyboard 1 the basses. How to determine the age of an accordion our pastimes. Settimio soprani accordion for sale only 4 left at 70% used. Buy settimio soprani accordions and get the best deals. Settimio soprani piano accordions for sale in stock ebay. It grew in popularity during the 1930s and remains quite popular among accordion enthusiasts. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Extremelygood quality 1960s settimio soprani lido made in italy castelfidardo piano accordion settimio soprani lido with grille mutes keys bass keysbuttons 41 120. I am half way through book 2 of the palmerhughes course. Home accordions watkins 41key120 bass piano accordion used special price reduced to. This company inturn was to become one of the worlds biggest musical instrument tactories and at that time produced 180accordions a day. Settimio soprani, multi grand, castelfidardo, italy 1940s con.

Im wondering about the ravenna on it, since settimio soprani belongs to the big group of accordion makers from castelfidardo italy, the home town of accordions. Settimio soprani accordion 120 bass 120 bass famous professional accordion settimio soprani 120 bass accordion. They have the widest range of accordions on the market and pride themselves on their history of accordion making and the quality of the instruments they produce. He was the brother of paolo soprani, that is considered to be the father of accordion factories. Knowing the age of your accordion gives you some insight into the history of your instrument. Vintage art deco 1930s soprani settimio cardinal accordion plus case. Settimio soprani 120bass piano accordion in attractive silverandblack finish. Polytone accordion made by master craftsman joe romagnoli. I tested every key and every cord button and they all work. Settimio soprani is one of the historical italian accordion makers. Perfect for beginners or someone looking for a second smaller instrument. Complete settimio soprani piano accordion course elementary. Italy, was founded in 1946 by silvio scandalli, settimio soprani, and frontalini. Bellows in good order, keys require some restoration.

It has a switch that can be used to add vibrato to the sound. Since having compiled this list, i am afraid that it has been a very time consuming exercise for me to give the necessary detailed explanations to customers by email of the condition these accordions are in. A vintage mid century settimio soprani piano accordion having celluloid keys with a geometric inlaid body, the speaker decorated with scrolled white metal detailing, having 120 buttons. Finally, after more than 30 years of closed doors, the small town of castelfidardo, italy, home of the greatest accordion makers, has once again begun production of the rollsroyce of all accordions, the magnificent settimio soprani artist vi. Lido accordion 120 bass 41key fullsize marble white lido accordion 120 bass 41key fullsize marble white vintage soprani inc. Jun 10, 2010 settimio soprani is one of the historical italian accordion makers. The one probably from 1920s is a cardinal model with 42 keys and low e. Good condition the above accordions have been checked in our workshop and their condition is as stated alongside each item. Unfollow accordion settimio soprani to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Some of the accordions may not be as cosmetically pleasing as i would want, but in my experience i have. Settimio soprani 120 bass lmmm musette accordion fisarmonica. Buy complete settimio soprani piano accordion course elementary and progressive by various isbn.

Four short sample tunes to demonstrate this fab accordion for sale on ebay. A full size settimio soprani 120 bass accordion built in the italian town of castelfidardo. For sale on 1stdibs this is a fabulous settimio soprani iii gray pearl accordion condition. The bellows is in excellent condition internally and externally. If you own an accordion, then you own a bit of musical history. Now i have examples of the settimio soprani from the 1920s to the end. What is the value of a soprani accordion, vintage 1945. Settimio soprani 50s piano accordion, stiletto boots, musical, music. Lmh treble reeds 9 switches plus palm master switch. For over 100 years, paolo soprani has been building some of the finest handcrafted accordions. This full size instrument, most likely dating from the 1960s, was built in the italian hilltop town of castalfidardo, and would be ideal for the larger player who requires the full range of 41 treble keys and 120 bass buttons. Vintage soprani settimio three 120 piano accordion finished in cream pearlescent bakelite, the makers mark settimio inlaid in black and set with small paste stones.

Watkins 41key120 bass piano accordion used special. Extremely good quality settimio sopranilidowith mutes120. These will typically sell higher in a music shop or private sale compared to an auction. Of the dozen lessonsong books i purchased, this one is my favorite. Internally the accordion is in reasonable mechanical condition but see the notes regarding the reeds. This is a top quality professional standard double cassotto instrument, most likely fitted with hand made reeds. Soprani full size 19 inch keyboard 120bass accordion made in italy probably in the 1960s. Settimio soprani video if you want to know how settimio soprani accordions are made then check out this video with inside look at settimio soprani accordion factory. Accordion instrument, button accordion, world book encyclopedia, polish music, on.

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