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Jun 08, 2018 porsche 919 hybrid may do a sub5 minute nurburgring lap. Bellofs beating the lap record on the nurburgring nordschleife. And also scene of a significant proportion of europes automotive crashes. Im pretty familiar with the nordschleife but today i got to learn it in a new way, he said. The 919 hybrid evo sets a new alltime record lap at the nurburgring, nordschleife. Nurburgring nordschleife, in which game it is more realistic. Porsche smashes bellofs nordschleife lap record with uprated. If youre planning to visit this incredible track, we recommend you consider our guide as required viewing. The engineers got rid of all the fia wec regulations and limitations to show to the world what the car was capable to and we believe, that record lap was a first test for an attempt to break stefan bellofs record lap at the nordschleife. Bellof was the first driver to average more than 124 miles per hour for a lap on one of the worlds most beautiful and difficult racetracks. Porsche smashes bellofs nordschleife lap record with uprated 919. Porsches 919 evo crushes bellofs nordschleife record.

Nurburgringnordschleife, germany video game travel guide. Assetto corsa gameplay mod porsche 962 gruppe c onboard spa mod 1988 hope you enjoy and suscribe for more. Porsche has unofficially smashed the late stefan bellof s outright lap record for the nurburgring nordschleife with its 919 hybrid evo. Some felt it was a record that should be preserved, that to break it would be to somehow betray bellofs memory. The history of the famous nordschleifeis a excellent photographic essay packed into a heavy hardcover book with many notable personalities including the author looking back at what was once a legendary almost magical place which is now sadly in disarray. Porsche set to make nordschleife lap record attempt. He was blindingly quick, said former teammate and sportscar champion derek bell. I have yet to step foot as of this time there but i am sure even if i did it would not be the same as it was in. Twotime le mans 24 hours winner timo bernhard knocked. For many years, stefan bellof was considered the greatest talent. Stefan bellofs lap record nurburgring nordschleife premiere for stefan bellof in the porsche 956k.

Why a nurburgring record set in 1983 will never be beaten. Nordschleife videos the best clips from the green hell. It remained the alltime record for threeandahalfdecades. And then, when bernhard returns, cheers and applause. Porsche is set to attempt to beat the longstanding lap record around the nurburgring nordschleife with its upgraded 919 hybrid evo lmp1 car this month.

Jun 29, 2018 in 1983, stefan bellof, driving a porsche 956, ran a 6. Fm4s nordschleife is, among some other tracks, a huge dissapointment a i hope they will do it from scratch for the next title. The definitive video circuit guide to nurburgring nordschleife, presented by driver coach scott mansell and nurburgring 24hr winner mercedes amg adam christo using nurburgring onboard footage. Autorennfahrer stefan bellof sein letztes rennen 1985. Jun 06, 2018 the porsche 919 evo was not an exact car as the le mans 24h winner. Unfortunately, no footage is available of that particular lap, as onboard cameras where not that common back in those days. Stefan bellof 20 november 1957 1 september 1985 was a german racing driver. Watch the porsche 919 set nurburgring record from drivers. When the moment comes its both epic and quietly emotional. Porsche has unofficially smashed the late stefan bellofs outright lap record for the nurburgringnordschleife with its 919 hybrid evo. Bellof was the winner of the drivers championship in the 1984 fia world endurance championship, driving for the factory rothmans porsche team.

So i will reupload this legendary track right here, so anyone too paranoid to download from unofficial websites can enjoy it. On track action and interviews about stefan bellofs beating the lap record on the nurburgring nordschleife. Volkswagen id r smashes electric nurburgring record with video. The nordschleife has gone through some changes over the years, but is currently 20. Aug, 20 a section of track at the nurburgring previously known as pflantzgarten ii has been renamed the stefanbellofs. Autosport video discover the best motorsport videos on the. Not least because some 34 years after he left his porsche motorsport bosses shaking their heads in disbelief, his unofficial lap record of 6min 11. That was set by the late stefan bellof driving a porsche 956 c during practice for the 1,000km wec. On may 28th 1983, a 25 year old german racing driver named stefan bellof drove a porsche 956 around the nurburgring nordschliefe in 6. The original track, called the nordschleife, was built to surround the nearby town of nurburg and the remains of a medieval castle in the eifel mountains.

This mighty porsche 919 just broke the f1 lap record at spa. Like it or not, the nurburgring nordschleife is the ultimate test of a cars performance. Stefan bellof to tribute english sub awesome in car action. To photograph a current recordholder at the nordschleife is a rare opportunity. Race driver stefan bellof is remembered, 25 years later wsj. Definitive track guide to the nurburgring nordschleife. Different races with different ai level from 93 to 100%. Jul 07, 2018 this ist the gtl conversion of the nordschleife v2. I guess there is no need to tell anything more since the original rfversion became a legend already. Fans who respect the official record of the late stefan bellof settle for an estimated 6.

This lap held the alltime record for 35 years partially because no major racing has taken place there since 1984 until it was surpassed by timo bernhard in the porsche. During qualifying for that race, the late stefan bellof set a lap of 6. If youre a connoisseur of commitment or a buff of the ballsout lap, stefan bellof s supreme effort in a group c porsche 956 around the nurburgring nordschleife is an enduring source of wonder. Apr 11, 2018 bell, of course, wasnt aboard for the 956s most famous lap.

The unbeatable nurburgring lap record tribute to stefan bellof. Porsches 919 hybrid evo was at the nurburgrings nordschleife this morning where it successfully beat stefan bellof s 35yearold lap record of the daunting circuit. Watch the complete onboard record lap by timo bernhard. It is not permitted to pass on texts, images, audio or video data to. In 1983, stefan bellof, driving a porsche 956, ran a 6. Porsche obliterates nordschleife record with 919 evo. Ringfilms ehemals nordschleife video gibt es mittlerweile seit mehr als 10 jahren.

Bad driving, collisions and unsafe situations nordschleife duration. Due to construction work, the exact track length was 20. The new naming honours stefan bellof, who in 1983 drove a porsche 956 and posted incredible lap time of 6. Porsche 919 hybrid may do a sub5 minute nurburgring lap. Timo bernhard has lapped the nurburgring in 5min 19.

It was a bit cold on may 28, 1983, when stefan bellof competed for the qualifying of the adac kilometer race at the nurburgring as part of the sports car world championship. Jun 29, 2018 its something bellof would surely have relished. In this video well be talking about things you should not do when youre at the nurburgring nordschleife during public driving sessions or touristenfahrten in german nearly every weekend. Stefan bellofs record setting lap at nurburgring wec videos. On may 28 in 1983, stefan bellof lapped the worldrenowned track with a porsche. His lap record on the nordschleife configuration at the nurburgring, set while qualifying for the km race in 1983. Jun 03, 2019 the 671bph volkswagen id r has smashed the electric lap record at the nurburgring nordschleife, with romain dumas lapping the 12. Download the autosport app available on ios and android. His lap record on the nordschleife configuration at the nurburgring, set while qualifying for the km race in 1983, stood for 35 years, when it was beaten by timo.

Nordschleife record of timo bernhard and the porsche 919. And, although it works as a map, the map feels very imperfect. A tribute to one of the best driver of all time, and his legendary lap. Gts versions where always pretty close, but i hope they make an ever closer one for gt6, they should work on the karussel and the last chicane at nurb gp layout. Driving the porsche 919 hybrid evo, bernhard beat the previous lap record, set by stefan bellof, by 51.

Bernhard breaks bellofs nurburgring record in 919 motor. That inconceivable sixandabit minutes of history was recorded by stefan bellof, his 25yearold german colleague. I could have gone even faster, bellof says, as casually as if it were a matter of mowing the lawn. Great video sir, ive never seen some of the archive footage youve edited. His lap record on the nordschleife configuration at the nurburgring, set while.

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