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The occupation of southern africa is the way in which european nations conquered african states such that african states became protectorates as well as. The online library of liberty a project of liberty fund, inc. Marxist theories of imperialism progress in political. In his influential book written at the beginning of the 20th century. The primary purpose of social reform, using the term in its economic signification, is to raise the wholesome standard of private and public consumption for a nation, so as to enable the nation to live up to its highest standard of production. A comparison between lenins and hobsons interpretation. Although hobson himself was not a marxist he was a classical liberal, his theory would play a key role in shaping subsequent marxist theories of imperialism, most notably that of v. I m p e r i a l i s m t h e hi g h e s t s o f ca p i t a. The economic taproot of imperialism no mere array of facts and figures adduced to illustrate the economic nature of the new imperialism will suffice to dispel the popular delusion that. Imperialism and colonialism both dictate the political and economic advantage over a land and the indigenous populations they control, yet scholars sometimes find it difficult to illustrate the difference between the two. The thesis assesses the important contributions hobson made to international theory, in the theory of imperialism but also beyond, that have been overlooked. The purpose of imperialism is to decrease the strategic and political vulnerability of. Hobson 18581940 was an english economist and early socialist, whose writings on capitalism and industrialism influenced lenin and trotsky, and were highly regarded by john maynard keynes.

The early chapters chart hobson s progress from complacent imperialist in the 1880s to radical critic of empire by 1898. Marxist theories of imperialism cankaya universitesi. A study 1902 the online library of liberty this ebook pdf format is published by liberty fund, inc. Hobsons theory of imperialism and its indebtedness to. Although imperialism and colonialism focus on the suppression of an other. Hobson s influential work was drawn on by lenin when he wrote his book imperialism. As a result, the theories of imperialism which they have developed over the past thirty years have been flawed from the start. In a period when imperialism was a catchword of politicians for winning popular support, he portrayed imperialism in a more grim fashion, showing it to be devastating both at home and in the colonies and pursued mainly in the interest of a few.

Amid the welter of vague political abstractions to lay ones finger accurately upon any ism so as to pin it down and mark it out by definition seems impossible. Hobson seeks to explain the rise of the new imperialism in the 1870s and 1880s when britain, together with the other great european powers, engaged in a scramble for colonies. According to this concept, imperialism was a result of the excess accumulation of wealth due to oversaving and the unequal distribution of wealth in society. In order to understand this progression we must delve further into hobsons theory. Imperialism is simply a manifestation of the balance of power and is the process by which nations try to achieve a favorable change in the status quo. Hobson, angell imperialism is a policy choice, not an inevitable consequence of capitalism. This, in essence, was hobsons theory of imperialism in 1902.

Hobson 185840 of greater importance than the theories of edgeworth, bastiat, and george is the theme of the fourth economic heretic of the age imperialism. Lenins main points in identifying imperialism are the concentration of wealth, the creation of finance capital and the export thereof and the partition of the world by the world powers. But it is surely wrong to assume that, because hobson offers a structural explanation of imperialism, this involves him in asserting that imperialism. A study 1902 was undoubtedly one of the most influential books of the early twentieth century. This book was written on a combination of marxist theory with actual reference to the method of classical imperialism that was widely prevalent at the time. Lenins theory of imperialism is derived from the book imperialism the highest stage of capitalism by vladimir lenin. The highest stage of capitalism, 1 remains the best framework to understand capitalisms international political economy. The writers in the first phase i call the pioneers of imperialism theory. This book marked the occasion by evaluating hobson s writings on imperialism from his days as a journalist in london to his death in 1940. Lenins theory of imperialism is the basis of much contemporary analysis of the interaction between third world and advanced capitalist countries. An empirical and theoretical analysis of the new imperialism christian fuchs abstract. Now a fundamental of communist theory everywhere, the lenin hobson theory explains imperialism, world wars, and regional. Theories of imperialism the major explanations for imperialism can be grouped into three general categories.

Also hobson being a non marxist avoids to be favorable to one class and does not realize that capitalism and imperialism are strongly interconnected. Hobson s accumulation theory was a concept developed by john a. Analysis of marxist engagement with imperialism during this period reveals three distinct phases of theorising. Affirmative globalization studies stress positive aspects of global capitalism, while critical globalization studies use notions such as empire and new imperialism to analyze the global economys negativity. Fieldhouse, for example, argues that the arguments used are ultimately. For others, the absence of intent negates the political relationship. In his economic interpretation ofinvestments, foreign investment is viewed as stimulating home industriesto turn out large quantities of goods at lower costs and prices for bothdomestic and. Hobson, lenin, and schumpeter on imperialism centre for counter.

Chapter 6 three theories explaining imperialism digital history. The primary purpose of social reform, using the term in its economic signification, is to raise the wholesome standard of private and public consumption for a nation, so as to enable the nation to. Hobson, is a politicoeconomic discourse about the negative financial, economic, and moral aspects of imperialism as a nationalistic business enterprise. This article aims to employ hobson to challenge ir orthodox narratives. The need for imperialism grew as these capitalists needed to defend the investments in other countries, specifically the scramble for africa. The victorian era was a time when great britain, france, germany, belgium, portugal, holland, italy, and russia grabbed up colonies and economic concessions in africa and asia. Imperialism, published in 1902, is considered his most important work. Theory of imperialism concerns the global systemic outcomes of the tendency for the rate of profit to fall in the capitalist system, and the objective impact of the consequences of those dynamics, and countertendencies in the world economy which are now generally associated with marxian economics. This paper examines the theoretical coherence of his theory. Question which theory of imperialism best explains the occupation of southern africa and why.

The limits of hobson s paradigm giovanni arrighi on. Hobson argues that the economic forces of overproduction and subsequent underconsumption spark a complex chain of events that result in imperialism. Arrighi has set out to examine, as the subtitle of the book suggests, the limits of hobson s paradigm, limits which the lenin theory. Almost 100 years after it was written, lenins classic marxist theory of imperialism, principally articulated in his book imperialism. Hobson, lenin, and schumpeter on imperialism 255 in imperialism, hobson deprecates foreign investment by westerncountries in the \ backward \ areas.

Metrocentric theories focus on the dispositions or internal charac7232 imperialism, history of. In imperialism, lenin interwove two theoriesa theory of monopoly and a theory of imperialism. Less has been said about what sort of theory his theory of imperialism in fact was, let alone how this theory was related to liberal political theory in general. Imperialism is objectless expansion, a pattern simply learned from the behavior of other nations and institutionalized into the domestic political processes of a state by a warrior class. Doc theories of imperialism zvikomborero chingwena. The fallacy of the supposed inevitability of imperial expansion as a necessary outlet for progressive industry is now manifest. The online library of liberty is a project of liberty fund, inc. Comparison of lenins and hobsons theory on imperialism. Many of hobsons ideas influenced the marxist theories of imperialism that were to be formulated a few years later. The lenin hobson theory represents lenins 1939 marxist interpretation of hobson s 1902 liberal critique of imperialism.

The author of this sweeping eulogy of foreign investment, john atkinson hobson, stands at the centre of the argument about the theory of economic imperialism. Through an analysis of hobson s writings on imperialism, the article aims to reveal a little acknowledged and yet significant underlying theoretical socialist influence on his international theory. The purpose of imperialism is to decrease the strategic and political vulnerability of a nation. This study explores hobson s paradigm of imperialism, its content, intentions and, finally, its limitations. Analyze hobsons theory of imperialism and its usefulness.

This includes, first, a reassessment of hobson s theory of imperialism in international relations scholarship. The highest stage of capitalism, gives a very valuable theoretical analysis of the latest phase of capitalist development, as. This ebook pdf format is published by liberty fund. The lenin hobson theory of imperialism provides the central issues under discussion in this section. Hobson s critique of british imperial expansion, imperialism. Subsequent capitalist development shows the key aspects of lenins thesis to be. Pdf the theory of imperialism has been the theoretical toolbox through which marxism traditionally analyses capitalisms international system. Hobson, lenin, and schumpeter on imperialism pages 1 4. Hobson stated that finance could manipulate events in order to gain a profit, that may or may not benefit the nation.

A study by john atkinson hobson, publication date 1902 publisher j. Hobson, lenin, and schumpeter on imperialism created date. A history critically analyses the theorising of imperialism over the course of the twentieth century and up to the present. In a work published in 1938, he confessed that his heretical view of capitalism. The economic theory of imperialism was introduced by j. A study, is hobson s way of avoiding making imperialism a necessary function of capitalism. In underdeveloped countries, however, there was no competitive stage, so they are frozen at a low level of production and income.

Hobson in 1902 and by the austrian marxist economist rudolf hilferding in his 1910 book finance capital. In his influential book written at the beginning of the 20th century, hobson argued that capitalist societies produce an excess of goods and capital because they underpay their workers. The cause of imperialism, according to lenin and hobson is capitalism. In this talking empire podcast, centre director richard toye discusses hobson s imperialism. Few terms in the vocabulary of politics are so confused as imperialism. Hobsons theory of imperialism has had many critics.

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